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    Today’s Cubs Birthdays (September 1)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Sep 1st, 2023

    ~Rico Carty 1939– (Cubs 1973)
    Rico Carty was a great hitter with the Atlanta Braves. He was an All-Star, won a batting title, had a cool nickname (“Beeg Boy”), and had an incredible on-base percentage one year (.454). Unfortunately, he hurt his knee, and by the time he came to the Cubs just a few years later, he couldn’t really play the outfield anymore. He was a Cub for exactly 30 days. They sold him to the A’s in September. Of course, 1973 was also the year the DH rule was instituted by the AL. Carty had a second career as a DH, hitting 90 of his 204 career homers in the last five years of his career. He finished with a lifetime average of .299.

    ~Kevin Orie 1972– (Cubs 1997-1998, 2002)
    One of the many “next Ron Santo” to man the position, Orie was the starting third baseman as a rookie in 1997. He had a decent season, hitting 8 homers and 44 RBI. But he had a sophomore slump the following year and was shipped off the Marlins before the season was over in the trade that brought Felix Heredia to Chicago. Orie later came back to the Cubs for his final season in the big leagues.

    ~Joe Marty 1913–1984 (Cubs 1937-1939)
    Marty was the fourth outfielder for the pennant-winning Cubs in 1938. He was the first Cub to ever homer in a night game (in Cincinnati), and had a great World Series, going 6 for 12 with a homer and 5 RBI. The Cubs traded him to the Phillies the following year. That turned out to be a good trade for the Cubs, because it brought Claude Passeau over to Chicago.

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