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    Today’s Cubs Birthdays (February 14)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Feb 14th, 2024

    ~Ace Stewart 1869–1912 (Colts 1895)
    Ace wasn’t given that nickname because of his stellar play, his real first name was Asa, and Ace was just a shortened way of saying that. The Indiana native (Terre Haute) was a second baseman for Chicago in his only big league season, and was a bit of a butcher in the field. He made 52 errors. Even though he never made it back to the bigs, he did play professional baseball in the minor leagues until 1907. Oh, and he also had a tremendous mustache. (Photo: 1895 Colts. Ace is standing in the back row. Furthest mustache on the right)

    ~Mike Hechinger 1890–1967 (Cubs 1912-1913)
    He had a cup of coffee with his hometown Chicago Cubs at the tail end of the 1912 season and the beginning of 1913, but the backup catcher got only five at bats, and didn’t manage to get a hit. He finished his career with Brooklyn.

    ~Uel Eubanks 1903–1954 (Cubs 1922)
    Uel’s cup of coffee was both empty and full. In his one month on the Cubs, he pitched 1.2 innings and got exactly one at bat. In that one at bat, he got a hit, so his lifetime average is 1.000. But he was rocked hard on the mound. His final ERA is 27.00. Eubanks was in the minors for six seasons after his little nibble of the big leagues, but he never got another shot in the Show.

    ~Len Gabrielson 1940– (Cubs 1964-1965)
    Gabrielson had one of the best seasons of his nine year career with the Cubs in 1964. After Lou Brock was traded in June of that season, Len became the team’s starting right fielder. It was just a tiny bit of a downgrade for the Cubs. Brock hit .348 for the Cardinals (and led them to the World Series), and Gabrielson hit .246 for the Cubs (and led them to 8th place). Len’s father (also named Len) was a big leaguer too. He played for the Phillies in 1939.

    ~Daniel Garibay 1973– (Cubs 2000)
    Garibay was born and raised in Mexico, and didn’t get his first shot at Major League Baseball until he was 27 years old. The Cubs used him as a spot starter and a reliever, and he didn’t do well in either role. He went 2-8 with an ERA over 6.

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