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    Today’s Cubs Birthdays (August 7)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Aug 7th, 2018

    ~Don Larsen 1929 (Cubs 1967)
    When the MLB channel debuted, the first full game they showed was the only perfect game in World Series history. Everyone remembers that game, pitched by the immortal Don Larsen. Did you know that same Don Larsen also pitched for the Cubs? It’s true.He was known as one of the greatest clutch postseason pitchers of all time, but was five years removed his final World Series (the year the Cubs had their worst season ever–1962) by the time he put on a Cubs uniform. Even though Larsen hadn’t pitched in the majors at all in 1966, the Cubs signed him for the 1967 season. (They must have seen that Camel ad–he looks ready to go). Larsen pitched a total of four innings for the Cubs, the last four innings of his major league career. His ERA was 9.00. Our guess is that the MLB channel won’t be showing those four innings any time soon.

    ~Adonis Terry 1864 (Colts 1894-1897)
    His real first name was William, but he went by Adonis. Terry was a fairly good pitcher. He won 197 games in his 14-year big league career (including 21 with the Cubs, then known as the Colts, in 1895). But Adonis also lost 196 games, and he was never what you’d call a dominant pitcher. He gave up 76 homers in an era of virtually no homers, and he walked almost as many men as he struck out. After his playing career ended, he became an umpire.

    ~Marc Pisciotta 1970 (Cubs 1997-1998)
    Marc was a righthanded reliever for the Cubs for a few seasons, and actually got into quite a few games. He won four games over two seasons, and appeared in a Cubs uniform 67 times. He later pitched for the Kansas City Royals.

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