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    By Rick Kaempfer
    In News
    Mar 31st, 2015

    JOBC logoA year ago the Cubs playing on Opening Day. We’re still a few days away from that this year, and the construction crew at Wrigley is pretty happy about that. Have you seen it lately? Cross your fingers.

    The Cubs plan to honor the late Ernie Banks on Opening Day. Ever wonder how Ernie’s stats line up based on modern baseball statistics? The Sun Times did an analysis yesterday. Turns out, Ernie really was one of all-time greats.

    Yesterday the Cubs sent Bryant, Russell and Baez down to the minors. All three figure to be in the starting lineup for Triple-A Iowa in April. Javy’s situation is analyzed by CSN Chicago.

    On JOBC…

    How long ago was 1908? Chicago had a Republican Mayor and the wrong “inventor” of baseball was declared. He didn’t invent baseball, but he did start the Civil War. Abner Doubleday was the man who led the Union troops at Fort Sumter. All that and the Cubs barnstorming their way back to Chicago at This Week in 1908.

    Today’s Cubs birthdays include a tongue twister.

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