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    Merry Christmas

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Feature
    Dec 25th, 2019

    On Jesus’ birthday, we honor the Cub players named Jesus…

    ~Jesus Figueroa, 1957 (Cubs 1980)
    The Dominican outfielder played for the Cubs one year, his only season in the big leagues. The Cubs used him mainly as a pinch hitter that season. He was a contact hitter with a good eye, but didn’t really have the power necessary to stick in the majors as a corner outfielder. The Cubs traded him after the season (along with Jerry Martin) to the Giants, and he couldn’t crack the roster there. The Giants had a stacked outfield that included Larry Herndon, Jack Clark, Bill North, and Jeff Leonard.

    ~Jesus Sanchez 1974 (Cubs 2002)
    Sanchez pitched only eight games for the Cubs in 2002 and was lit up. He finished his Cubs career with a 12.96 ERA. He also pitched for the Marlins, Rockies and Reds.

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