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    Will Ferrell on the Cubs

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Wrigley Field Memories
    Mar 13th, 2015

    I was following along with the Will Ferrell saga yesterday on Twitter. It looked pretty funny. Will played for ten different teams as part of an HBO special, including the Cubs (who acquired him for a couple of burritos from the Angels during their game). He played first base very briefly and also coached third base. Here are some of the tweets I saw…

    It sounds like his third base coach stint was pretty funny. He had a “home run” sign that he flashed (and Jorge Soler hit one), but he also flashed actual signs. This is my favorite part, from the Sun Times article about the spectacle

    The best exchange between third-base coach Ferrell and a hitter might have been when he held up a card to Welington Castillo that said, “You are sooooo handsome.”

    Castillo gave him a thumbs up, and Ferrell switched to another sign: “I’m not just saying it.”

    “He’s nuts,” said Kris Bryant, who hit one of his two home runs over Ferrell’s head in center (while he was with the Angels). “It’s kind of cool, though. … It’s never going to happen again. We had fun.”

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