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    This Week in 1945 (September 20–September 26)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In This Week in 1945
    Sep 20th, 2023

    This week (Sept 20-26) during the last year the Cubs went to the World Series (before 2016)…

    World War II

    Marlene Dietrich*Marlene Dietrich (photo) goes to Berlin for the first time since 1931.

    *36-year-old Eduard Wirths, the chief SS doctor at Auschwitz concentration camp commits suicide while in custody.

    *Mohandas Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru demand that all British troops depart India.

    *Johannes Hans Geiger, German physicist and inventor dies in Germany. He invented the Geiger counter and was on the Nazi team working on the nuclear bomb.

    In Chicago

    Grimm arguing with an umpire*The first day of Autumn still feels like summer. It’s 84 degrees and beautiful. The city has Cubs fever. Everybody is talking about their long wait since the last Cubs pennant…seven long years ago. (Photo: Charlie Grimm arguing with an umpire)

    *PRICE CHECK: The average cost of new house is about $4.600.00. Life magazine costs 10 cents.

    In Baseball

    hank borowy*Hank Borowy beats the Cardinals for his 20th win of the year. He has won four of the six games the Cubs beat the Cardinals. With five games left to play, and clinging to a 1 1/2 game lead, the the Cubs announce the method by which tickets for the Chicago games of the World Series, if the team wins the pennant, will be conducted.

    *Stan Musial gets 5 hits off 5 pitchers on 5 consecutive pitches.

    *Tigers are on the cusp of winning the American League. They need only two victories to reach their goal.

    In Pop Culture

    *“Mildred Pierce” starring Joan Crawford is released on Sept 24. Crawford will win the Academy Award for this.


    mickey rooney germany 1945*Mickey Rooney is already a world wide star as he celebrates his 25th birthday. He’s currently in the army working as a radio performer for the American Forces Network. (Photo: Mickey entertaining the troops in Germany)

    *Two incredibly important 20th century musicians (though no one really knows that yet) celebrate birthdays this week. Ray Charles turns 15, and John Coltrane is 19.

    *Bill Kurtis celebrates his 5th birthday in Pensacola.

    *Lou Dobbs is born in Texas and Bryan Ferry is born in England.

    mack_stewartCub of the week: MACK STEWART
    Mack Stewart started this season with the Cubs, but wasn’t very effective, so they sent him down to their single A team in Nashville at the end of June. He will slowly regain his form and have a couple more solid seasons in Double-A, but he’ll never make it back up to the big leagues. Stewart was already in his 30s when the season began and more than likely never would have made it on the Cubs if their team hadn’t been so badly depleted during the war.

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