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    Jose Hernandez

    By Rick Kaempfer
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    Nov 10th, 2023
    ~Mike Vail 1951– (Cubs 1978-1980) He was already in his fourth big league season when the Cubs acquired Vail in the trade that sent Tarzan Wallis to the Indians. Vail was a talented hitter who hit well over .300 in his time with the Cubs, but he didn’t have a lot of power, didn’t walk […...
    By Rick Kaempfer
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    Jul 10th, 2023
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    July 13, 1977 The New York City Blackout of 1977 was an electricity blackout that affected most of New York City from July 13, 1977 to July 14, 1977. New York was already feeling tense because the economy was tanking and the unsolved Son of Sam murders were taking place, and the blackout seemed to [&...
    By Rick Kaempfer
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    Aug 4th, 2014
    Stuart Shea is the author of Wrigley Field: The Long Life and Contentious Times of the Friendly Confines, published by University of Chicago Press in spring 2014, as well as of Fab Four FAQ (with Rob Rodriguez) and Pink Floyd FAQ. He has edited five baseball annuals and is assistant editor of Who’s W...