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    Jerry White

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In This Weeks Historical Events
    Sep 11th, 2023
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    September 11, 2001 Terrorists crash passenger jets into the World Trade Center in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington. Another jet crashes in Pennsylvania. In all, nearly 3000 were people killed. America is in shock. On what might have been the worst day in American history, the Cubs are at home...
    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Aug 23rd, 2023
    ~Guy Bush 1901–1985 (Cubs 1923-1934) The Mississippi Mudcat got his nickname because he came from Mississippi and had a very strange delivery. Bush won 150+ games for the Cubs, as a starter and reliever (he led the league in relief wins 4 times). Some of those were key games in Cubs history. On...