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    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Oct 26th, 2023
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    ~Hillary Rodham Clinton 1947– (Cubs fan 1947-Present) She grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, an unabashed Cubs fan. Even though she later claimed to have been a Yankees fan, there is documentary evidence to prove her Cubs love. In 1993, when she was the First Lady, she accepted induction into the...
    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Cub Birthday
    Aug 27th, 2023
    ~Emil Verban 1915–1989 (Cubs 1948-1950) Verban was a second baseman for the Cubs. They called him the Antelope because of his speed early in his career, but by the time Verban played in Chicago, he wasn’t exactly tearing up the base paths. In his three seasons with the Cubs he stole a total of ...