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    Charlie Root

    By Rick Kaempfer
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    Apr 24th, 2023
    April 29, 1997 Mike Royko passes away at the age of 65. As one final tribute to him, the Cubs win only their sixth game of the season (out of 24), 14-8 versus the Expos. Few Chicagoans were more closely associated with the Chicago Cubs than Mike Royko. As a columnist for the Daily News, […]...
    By Rick Kaempfer
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    Mar 17th, 2023
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    ~Charlie Root 1899–1970 (Cubs 1926-1941) In 1969 Root was named the all-time greatest Cubs right-hander, but despite all his accomplishments, he’ll always be most remembered for something that probably never happened…Babe Ruth’s called shot during the 1932 World Series. Root always denied that ...