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    By Rick Kaempfer
    In Today's Feature
    Oct 31st, 2021

    On this Halloween we feature a man they called Spook…

    ~Bob Speake 1930 (Cubs 1955,1957)
    His real name was Robert Speake, and he went by Bob, but his nickname was Spook. Spook was an outfielder/first baseman for the Cubs during the ’55 and ’57 seasons, and had decent pop in his bat (12 and 16 home runs), but his average was terrible (.218 and .232). The Cubs traded him to the Giants after the ’57 season for Bobby Thompson, and Speake drifted away. He only hit three more homers in his career and was out of baseball after the ’59 season. (Photo: Topps 1956 Baseball Card)

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