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    Every Cub Ever (T)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    Jan 15th, 2015

    Extra entries beginning with the letter T…

    ~Brett Taylor (Cubs blogger)
    Taylor is the writer for Bleacher Nation, an excellent Cubs blog that analyzes Cubs statistics (particularly their minor leaguers) and reports the latest Cubs news. Taylor is also an attorney, so his insights into contract issues are particularly helpful. He is based in Ohio.

    ~Scott Turow 1949 (Cubs Fan 1949-Present)
    He has written eight best selling novels including “Presumed Innocent,” and he’s still a practicing attorney in Chicago, but Scott Turow is also among the afflicted. He’s a Cubs fan. In the book “The Cubs: The Complete Story of Chicago Cubs Baseball” (written by Glen Stout and Richard A. Johnson), he contributed an essay. The final few sentences sums up what it is to a be Cubs fan as well as anyone ever has…

    “There remains a special meaning in being a Cubs fan. It makes sports more profound. It teaches the hardest lesson of all: there is no life that is better than life. Hope dignifies our experience on the planet. But there will be defeat for all of us in the mortuary. With the Cubs, as a writer-friend once said of Hollywood, ‘You learn to take the bitter with the bad.’ You accept hope as an essential irrational part of the human condition that will never be fully borne out. It’s existential. It’s tragic. It’s the Cubs.”

    Videos and audio beginning with the letter T…

    AUDIO of wacky play, two balls in play at once (Sammy Taylor):

    Tony Taylor was part of that first Telstar satellite game to Europe in 1962. He hit a Cal Koonce pitch to George Altman. It was the first live baseball ever seen on television in Europe. What was Telstar?

    A feel good Theriot moment…

    AUDIO: Hal Totten is part of this montage of early Cubs announcers…

    Rick’s Favorite Baseball Card beginning with T…

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