Today on JOBC (March 25)

    By Rick Kaempfer
    In News
    Mar 25th, 2014

    Cubs--Frank ChanceToday’s Cubs birthdays features nine different Cubs from all different eras including a 40-year-old All-Star, a man named Polly, and the trade bait for Jim Hickman.

    The A/V Club features our Cub named Polly.

    This Week in 1908 was also posted yesterday, and checks in with the Cubs at spring training in Mississippi. (Photo: Frank Chance). It also features the likes of Harry Houdini and Oscar Mayer (the real guy), and provides a musical taste of the era.

    The Chicago Reader has an intriguing piece in their latest issue about Cubs history, wondering if racial discrimination played a part in their long slide toward the bottom.

    The latest Cubs news: Cubs top pitching prospect Kyle Hendricks is keeping a diary, the Cubs made a few more roster moves (waiving Wada, optioning Ramirez), and they also sent McDonald to the minor league camp and released Chang Yong Lim.

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